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imi doresc sa plang

Imi doresc sa plang, cu hohote, din inima, sa mi se innece privirea si sa pot sa suspin din suflet, imi doresc sa pot sa-mi afund fata in perna si sa plang, atat de mult pana mi se limpezeste mintea, pana mi se duce din suflet frica, si singuratatea, si tristetea. Imi doresc sa plang ca sa pot rade iar zi de zi, asa cum fac de cand ma stiu, imi doresc sa plang pentru ca din nou sa pot lua lucrurile usor asa cum am facut-o mereu. Imi doresc sa plang, usor si curat, fara frustrari de la munca, fara depresii personale, fara oboseala mutarii, fara frica de instabilitate, imi doresc sa uit si sa plang.
De ce nu pot sa plang? De ce imi raman lacrimile ca un nod in gat? De ce mereu imi impun sa fiu ‘tough ‘ si sa nu plang? De ce conteaza atat de mult sa nu plang? sau sa nu se vada ca plang? sau … Imi iau o vacanta si plang, gata, am rezolvat-o si p’asta 🙂 hmm, de-ar fi atat de simplu …

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Yesterday started the big change. While I was a student I liked moving from a place to another, now, it seems is not that fun. This is the time when I think a friend with a car would have made a big difference. Actually any friend would have been of help, and any car, even a taxi 🙂

So, yesterday I moved half a house, today I hope to move the other half, and starting 1st of August I hope I’ll build a home around every little thing I moved. I’ll be living very close to the office, very close to a park, with two shopping centers in the neighbourhood and the Plaza Mall.

updated: I just came back from the new appartment. I feel so tired, and it’s been so many things happening lately that I just overwhelmed. Lots of things to plan and to do at work, tight dead lines, now the moving, and as an addition, my personal state of being, my personal issues and doubts. Hopefully starting tomorrow I’ll be again the happy, smiling Aura; hopefully this night will take with it at the sunrise every shadow from my soul and leave my mind clear and sharp. I definitelly need a vacation. Looking back to this past year I can see so many changes and so many challenges; a life full of everything but personal happiness. I need a life, I need a family, I need a he in my life.

I need to cry, if I could only cry

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Gelu este un personaj din copilaria mea, prieten cu Ela.
La gradinita, aveam doi colegi din grupa mare, Ela si Gelu, nu stiu de ce ne-au impresionat atat de mult acesti copii, pe mine si pe sora mea, dar ei au devenit personajele noastre imaginare preferate cu care ne jucam in fiecare seara. Eu eram Ela, iar Oana era Gelu, Ela si Gelu aveau o multime de prieteni animale, se jucau in padure, inventau tot felul de situatii noi si interpretau roluri, veverita facea ‘vever-vever’ pentru ca iepurasul facea ‘tzup-tzup’ … nu stiu cand am renuntat la ei, sau cand ei au renuntat la noi, nu stiu cand ne-am pierdut imaginatia, creativitatea, inocenta, dar intotdeauna imi aduc aminte cu placere de Ela si de Gelu.
Si acum mai rad cu Oana de acest joc, nici una dintre noi nu isi aminteste ce anume jucam, ce povesteam ore intregi seara pe intuneric interpretand roluri si roluri, dar Ela si Gelu au ramas numele mele preferate si oarecum unice.
Acum, dupa mai bine de 20 de ani am cunoscut un alt Gelu si o alta Ela, care ma duc cu gandul la copilarie, la ani frumosi din copilarie 🙂

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Bucuresti Ireal

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what if you would be able to choose the world you are living in, and change this any time you want? what if you would have the chance to try everything in this world that you would like to? what if you would have the courage to do those things you’d always dream of but always put behind? what if you could live all your lost loves in just one life? what if you would be able to meet all those people you are looking up to? what if you’d be able to do all the jobs you dreamed of as a child?

maybe it’s too much to dream of this, but just imagine what if …

I want to jump with a parachute
I want to live and work in Pakistan
I want to swim in the ocean
I want to tell the man I like that I want to kiss his lips
I want to work as a volunteer in a third world country
I want to fly a jet
I want to do bungee-jumping
I want to write a book
I want to cook with that special man
I want to make love every day
I want to witness a sunrise from the highest mountin
I want to make the next Pulitzer photo

And I want you not to judge me only by reading these words

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Adobe’s in the City

There is old news that Adobe Romania initiated a promo campaign in Bucharest and the market keeps sending its feedback. As the main target group is the geek community in Bucharest, the billboards were designed especially for them and you can see it for yourself right here.

30062007106.jpg     m338i101-pipera.jpg

And just to give you a taste of the reactions of the ‘audience’ here is some, so, enjoy it 🙂

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