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well, although I started to write here only in July, now I’m going live on stropdesoare.ro

… so, enjoy it 😛

same aura


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Din seria ‘Corlan exista’ vreau sa share-uiesc cu voi doua dintre ideile inovatoare ale dragilor mei colegi.

  1. pentru ca ieri au fost 30* C in Bucuresti si pentru ca in septembrie trebuia sa se poata face plaja, optiunea mea de weekend era sa merg inca o data anul acesta in Vama Veche. Si cum in echipa se share-uieste intelepciunea alor mai batrani, se invata din experientele altora si se ofera sfaturi gratuit, Corlan ma avertizeaza ca peisajul in Vama va fi pitoresc, eu cu pescarusii in paltoane si cu pestii cu balonzaide si de ce nu doar oameni cu buletine de Vama Veche. Ma mai gandesc totusi daca merg in Vama 🙂
  2. lui Andrei nu-i place ciocolata After Eight, sau mai exact crema de menta din ciocolata; destul de ciudat, pentru ca restul echipei le-a apreciat foarte mult, nu la fel de mult ca sticla aniversara de JD, dar … asa, si plecand de la bomboane, Mihai zice ca ar vrea somn si combinand cele doua subiecte, nu-i asa ca ar fi grozav sa gasim bomboane de ciocolata umplute cu somn? Te-ar odihni instant, ar fi delicioase, iar cafeina si taurina ar fi doar amintiri de mult uitate


Revenind cu picioarele pe pamant, ne rezumam la bomboanele cu lichior si la delicioasele pricomigdale astazi 🙂

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web 2.0-ish

Multe se intampla prin ograda noastra in ultima perioada. Programul de vara de internship s-a incheiat, sper sa putem curand sa prezentam public BEE-ul, concediile s-au terminat si ele, restantele au trecut cu bine 🙂 pentru unii :P, iar toamna vine cu vesti, cu noi preocupari, cu planuri noi si cu oameni noi. De curand Razvan dadea sfoara-n tara despre urmatoarea intalnire Wurbe iar pe myadobe.ro se scrie tot mai mult si tot mai bine.

Adobe a sarbatorit un an de prezenta in Romania, iar echipa in continua crestere pastreaza inca izul de gasca de prieteni care ne e atat de familiar. S-au intamplat multe vara asta si asta nu e decat inceputul. Vine vremea conferintelor, vine noul an universitar, si dupa cum scria cineva la un moment dat pe blog, intr-un sfarsit de august planifici unde petreci Revelionul, deci vine iarna.

Pana atunci insa, ne intoarcem la urban, la Anchor Plaza, la consola Wii si la lifturile inteligente din cladire care par sa fie mai celebre decat companiile gazduite in cladirea de birouri clasa A+ din blvd Timisoara 26Z.

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201 to Hawaii 4.0

I’ve never been to Hawaii, actually I never dreamed of going to Hawaii, to me this is a place to visit after retiring 🙂

And I never had a vision, or at least not one that is measurable. In AIESEC the vision wasn’t to me 10.000 eXchanges to 2005, my vision was becoming change agents, making our community better, bringing home international experiences and behaviors; this is what I need now to complete this Hawaii 4.0, the outcome, the thing beyond the pencil 🙂

As for the 201, 201 pictures, moments captured, just to remind us …

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so long, London

Following my last experience flying out of Heathrow Airport, I took SOME time before the flight. Robin was so nice to drive me to Terminal 2 and although the flight is only at 12:30, I arrived here at around 9:15. The check in for Tarom was just open so I got the chance to chose my seat (window, you are right:)). The security check went very smoothly this time, but I had to get rid of my jacket, get rid of the shoes, luckily I do not wear a belt or some other metals and so I did not need to strip there, ugh …

After all this was done … free shopping time 😀


I spoiled myself this time, a lot :D, I had the time, the money, the opportunity, so … you have to understand that I am not a shopping maniac and that I usually do not buy things just for buying, but now was the first time when I could actually afford to buy a perfume, the perfume I liked, and this not by counting the money or renouncing the chocolates, it feels so good 😀


So yes, I spent some money, but it was worth every penny 😛


And now, I’m just waiting in the airport, waiting for them to announce the gate for my Tarom flight, and wondering what other shops are still around to visit :P. I just called Delia to ask her if she still wants that book of … God I forgot his name, … for Emad, but she didn’t answer, so I’ll just ask anyway 🙂 and … maybe I’ll try some Harry Potter literature as everybody was talking about how good are the books and that the movies are just a touch of those, so … who knows what else I’ll buy until departure.


This is it now, more tonight, from home.


[later update]


of course I found the book shop 🙂

I did not find Stephen Covey for Delia, but I bought the second book from the series of Harry Potter, … the Chamber of Secrets, I bought a book of Paulo Coelho I did not see in Romania – although I would preferred The Witch of Portobello that in Romania is not yet published – as I did not find it, I bought this Like the Flowing River, a collection of short stories that I like already. What else … I bought one of those easy, commercial books, like the american soap opera series inspired by Cosmopolitan and another one that just seemed very interesting from the synopsis, combining some adventure, mysticism, fantasy and some crime probably. So, although I have at home five books still waiting on the shelf, I added four more today, as the summer is over, the fall will pass very fast, and as they say, the winter is always long … let’s just say that I’m preparing for those cold, winter nights 🙂 not to mention that I also bring with me home a box of fine English tea … for those evenings also.

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just imagine that

We have on our Adobe Romania blog a category where you can learn more about our team members [RO]. They usually reply to some preset questions, and then to the comments of that post. Most of the comments are related to their answers to the question “name three things you would bring with you on an island?” as there is almost no one not mentioning the laptop :D; the comments are of course around batteries, plugs, electricity and so on. This week in Windsor, while discussing this topic of electricity, we came to the idea that it would be so useful to have access to electricity like we have to Internet, wireless, so from here, we got to a branded quote of this meeting “about wireless electricity” 🙂

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trip report

It’s 2 AM Bucharest time, so here must be only 12 at night 🙂 just came back from Windsor, very, very nice city, the queen’s castle amazing, she seems to be in Scotland though, loved the company, loved the food — I experienced for the first time Indian food 🙂 — not too hot :P, a very full day of new information, lots of opportunities, my new team is awesome, I fell like we know each other since so long, the venue is simply … superb, I’ll download some pictures soon; and this is such a long phrase 🙂


just to KISS 🙂 — Keep It Short & Simple — what did you think of???? 😛 —

  • I love Cadbury chocolates
  • Tudor is our host these days
  • a very long way to the rooms
  • awesome weather, it’s like is not UK anymore
  • kind of poor coffee, but is needed
  • didn’t have the time to enjoy the pool — maybe tomorrow morning
  • desperately looking for a Toy Store in Windsor
  • I learned what ‘posh’ means 🙂
  • love the internationalism in this team, except Stuart no one else is British 😛
  • no London visits 😦
  • a promise to do some shopping tomorrow
  • hate the plugs 🙂 I just need an adapter, what’s so hard to understand?
  • weird gay receptionist, but very funny in his own way, or her … own way
  • experienced yesterday a British traditional dish, fish & chips 😀 very posh 😛 I did not find it very tasty, but I guess it was ok with the sauce
  • I had way tooooo much chocolate 😦
  • and very few pictures — not my style

that’s it for now, more, when I’ll be back home I think 🙂


IMG_1836   IMG_1840  IMG_1828   IMG_1838


more pictures next time, I promise 🙂

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