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well, although I started to write here only in July, now I’m going live on stropdesoare.ro

… so, enjoy it 😛

same aura


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little steps to reality

I feel like I put on shoes that are just too big for me.

There are lots of things I took for granted and there are lots of things I did not expect. I think this is the first time when I realize that indeed the experience in AIESEC was just the top of the iceberg. There are so many things I do not know how to handle, I keep repeating mistakes like I am in a bad dream when everything keeps repeating itself over and over again. Sometimes I realize that I am so, so damn lucky to be able to actually put in place great systems, to try different solutions, to actually leave something behind, and then I have an ordinary day with no successes and only with complaints and requests from all around. Sometimes all that it takes to put me at full speed is a word, is Ducu in front of us at the all hands explaining how we can not bring more projects because we can not bring in enough people, … this is all that it takes, and in the same time I feel how someone else takes most of the blame for my in-successes, for my mistakes, for my stupidity sometimes; and it’s not fair. big shoes

In AIESEC I had some people to speak with about these issues, and not in planned one on ones, but in the evening while drinking a beer and planning the steps ahead. Where do I find that mentor to guide me? to have the patience to accept my mistakes, to make me analyze what I am doing wrong and to guide me on the right way.

I know I’m asking too much; and I know that is no one’s responsibility to guide me, to teach me, to make me improve … but mine.

I need to stop and to take speed in the same time.

The main idea is in fact what are the options here?

  • to give up — might be an act of cowardice, a lack of self confidence and ambition, but in the same time might be an act of courage and responsibility

  • to continue — an act of irresponsibility or the chance to grow up, to fit the shoes I wear and to leave that mark I was talking about earlier. It’s about becoming that change agent we struggled for so much in AIESEC, might be the achievement of a dream

what will it be? …

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Avem asteptari prea mari cand intram in relatii, de tot felul, nu doar in iubire. Avem impresia ca oferim totul si ca nu primim suficient, ca noi suntem in centrul universului si ca de fapt suntem unicii care iubesc, care ofera, care suntem raniti, care suferim, toti ceilalti sunt egoisti, rai, nemernici …

Si nu vom reusi niciodata sa privim altfel lucrurile, intotdeauna vom avea asteptari si intotdeauna vom suferi, cu totii. Atunci cand lucrurile vor sta altfel, cred ca vom atinge culmea altruismului, … sau vom minti.

Zilele trecute vorbeam pe messenger cu un tip despre cum ne folosesc oamenii, cum ajutam si nu primim nici macar un telefon inapoi, de ce trebuie sa asteptam mereu ‘something in return’? De ce nu putem oferi doar de dragul de a oferi, de ce nu putem ajuta fara sa asteptam un ‘multumesc’, de ce nu putem iubi fara sa regretam mai tarziu?


Mi s-a spus de curand ca sunt boema, intr-un context oarecum profesional dar care atinge multe aspecte legate de cum sunt eu, de ce sunt eu. De ce trebuie sa existe o ocazie ca sa oferi bomboane, (asta o sa-i placa lui Gelu :D) de ce trebuie sa existe o ocazie ca sa primesti un cadou, de ce trebuie sa fie ziua ta ca sa primesti o felicitare, de ce trebuie sa sarbatoresti ceva anume ca sa oferi pricomigdale :), e ca si cum … de ce trebuie sa fie soare ca sa zambesti?

Mie imi place sa ofer, indiferent ce, bomboane, felicitari, carti, zambete, jucarii, si multumesc acelei divinitati care m-a facut in felul asta, sa nu astept nimic dupa ce ofer, si sa ma bucur mai mult, si mai mult, de fiecare data cand o fac.

A nu se intelege ca nu am asteptari, doar ca le mai temperez si stau mai mult cu picioarele pe pamant … cred … 🙂




                        * iubire

                        * adevar                                   

                        * sinceritate

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Din seria ‘Corlan exista’ vreau sa share-uiesc cu voi doua dintre ideile inovatoare ale dragilor mei colegi.

  1. pentru ca ieri au fost 30* C in Bucuresti si pentru ca in septembrie trebuia sa se poata face plaja, optiunea mea de weekend era sa merg inca o data anul acesta in Vama Veche. Si cum in echipa se share-uieste intelepciunea alor mai batrani, se invata din experientele altora si se ofera sfaturi gratuit, Corlan ma avertizeaza ca peisajul in Vama va fi pitoresc, eu cu pescarusii in paltoane si cu pestii cu balonzaide si de ce nu doar oameni cu buletine de Vama Veche. Ma mai gandesc totusi daca merg in Vama 🙂
  2. lui Andrei nu-i place ciocolata After Eight, sau mai exact crema de menta din ciocolata; destul de ciudat, pentru ca restul echipei le-a apreciat foarte mult, nu la fel de mult ca sticla aniversara de JD, dar … asa, si plecand de la bomboane, Mihai zice ca ar vrea somn si combinand cele doua subiecte, nu-i asa ca ar fi grozav sa gasim bomboane de ciocolata umplute cu somn? Te-ar odihni instant, ar fi delicioase, iar cafeina si taurina ar fi doar amintiri de mult uitate


Revenind cu picioarele pe pamant, ne rezumam la bomboanele cu lichior si la delicioasele pricomigdale astazi 🙂

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looking for balance

genial postul Mikai, mai bine de atat nu stiu sa fi vazut/ citit/ auzit pe undeva.

Ador piticii, imi dau un simt al realitatii, alung dracii, desi se lasa greu induplecati si de obicei pleaca cu un sut in fund, cat despre minte, o caut cu lumanarea si aici se intampla exceptia care confirma regula, nu o prea gasesc. Prostia … hm, cu ea e mai greu, ca de obicei nu stiu de unde vine si nici cat sta in vizita, vine rar, dar nu se stie niciodata, sper sa o tina departe piticii.

Una peste alta, sunt ai mei, mi-s dragi toti si sper sa nu ma lase prea curand :-S

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up on cloud #9

Below, a sea of white, compact and soft like snow; above, the purest bleu ciel I ever saw, a sky with no clouds and no shadows; this is how my life seems right now. Listening to channel 10 and enjoying a cup of coffee. The light is so white, and so bright, I feel like I never been so still, so stuck in a moment of peace. Is not happiness, is not joy, is just balance.


How would it be to be like this always?


ground speed 774 km

altitude 11000 m

outside temperature -55* C


I just passed Bratislava and approaching Prague.



– Where are you going? No! don’t! You’ll fall!!

– No, I won’t. 🙂 just step on it. It’s so soft and so firm in the same time. Come and try it.

He followed her, slowly stepping on her footprints. He never imagined a view like this, as far as he could see just white and bleu.

– When do you think we will arrive? he asked.

– Soon, but why the rush? It’s so peaceful here, it’s so … perfect.

– Here is no room for mistake, no room for stepping aside, no room for choosing, everything is just too plain.

– How can you say that? This is all we dreamed of, it’s everything.

– It’s nothing; I can not do nothing wrong here.

– Why would you want to do something wrong?

– Here I know that whatever decision I’ll make, it will be the good one. When will I know when something is wrong? How will I be able to chose then? and he kept asking lots of questions, dozens … I can not even kiss you here, he continued in his mind; It’s just too perfect, he said and then they just felt silent.

– Let’s make angels, she said.

And laying on their backs, hand in hand, there were born the most perfect twin angels ever; blessed then with the kiss …

– We are here, she said, and he could feel that indeed they’ve arrived.



blogging from the sky

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  • very nice weather 🙂
  • love driving the wrong side of the road
  • Heathrow airport, as croudy as ever
  • 18* C, lots of sun, nice, puffy clouds
  • love it!!

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