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I cleaned up today two of my albums on Picasa, the one from Budapest and the one from Moscow. I can not believe that I saw 6 European capitals in 5 months this year, and when I think about it, it’s like it was yesterday. Everything is so fresh in my mind, all the people I met, all the places I saw, all the changes in my life. Almost half a year is gone now, I miss going to swim, I miss playing tennis, I miss sun and going out to a walk into the sun, I realized that I hate Bucharest, actually not the city, but the fact that it transformed me in something I do not like and I do not want to be or to become. It’s so difficult to escape the city, even in the weekends. I dream now of having two full weeks to spend in the country at my aunt’s home, to go swimming and sun bathing, to go pick up tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden or to take a walk to the backyard to the spring and to pick up an apple or some plums on the way from the trees. But I can imagine that this year is not going to be so easy to accomplish this 🙂 I also want to go to the seaside, just to enjoy the sun and the sea and do nothing else. Where do you go swimming in Bucharest? beside the private pools??

Today I got a present from my Adobees 🙂 for my birthday and it turned out into lots of books I wanted for some time and a bag for my tennis racket. I hope I’ll have the chance to play some tennis this year, I really miss it.

well, this was about it for tonight,


and actually I wanted to tell you just that I’ll try each week to select a personal photo I like to post it on the blog, today Delia told me that I’m becoming too Web 2.0-ish, hahahaha 🙂


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si ca de fiecare data ma provoc la a face un bilant din anul care a trecut. Din nou pot sa spun ca am realizat cateva lucruri de care sa fiu mandra si in acelasi timp sunt si lucruri de care nu pot sa fiu mandra si ma rog doar sa fi invatat din ele astfel incat sa nu le mai repet. Si bineinteles nu poate lipsi lista cu ce imi doresc pentru anul viitor, asa ca … lista cu dorinte 🙂

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on 27th of May

On Sunday I’m gonna celebrate one month with Adobe. It’s strange how it already feels “like home”. The thing that kind of scares me in that I feel that I have to prove something and I usually don’t like to prove people things. But …

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me, an Adobee :)

the main reason I started this blog was because I wanted to share with you how is to be an Adobee 🙂 in Romania. Why? there are lots of reasons, because Adobe is new in Romania, because it has a unique culture, because is such a young and innovative team, because here are developed features from products that are used worldwide, because we do research, and the “because” thing can go on 🙂

Well, how is to be an adobee then? …

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