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well, although I started to write here only in July, now I’m going live on stropdesoare.ro

… so, enjoy it 😛

same aura


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trip report

It’s 2 AM Bucharest time, so here must be only 12 at night 🙂 just came back from Windsor, very, very nice city, the queen’s castle amazing, she seems to be in Scotland though, loved the company, loved the food — I experienced for the first time Indian food 🙂 — not too hot :P, a very full day of new information, lots of opportunities, my new team is awesome, I fell like we know each other since so long, the venue is simply … superb, I’ll download some pictures soon; and this is such a long phrase 🙂


just to KISS 🙂 — Keep It Short & Simple — what did you think of???? 😛 —

  • I love Cadbury chocolates
  • Tudor is our host these days
  • a very long way to the rooms
  • awesome weather, it’s like is not UK anymore
  • kind of poor coffee, but is needed
  • didn’t have the time to enjoy the pool — maybe tomorrow morning
  • desperately looking for a Toy Store in Windsor
  • I learned what ‘posh’ means 🙂
  • love the internationalism in this team, except Stuart no one else is British 😛
  • no London visits 😦
  • a promise to do some shopping tomorrow
  • hate the plugs 🙂 I just need an adapter, what’s so hard to understand?
  • weird gay receptionist, but very funny in his own way, or her … own way
  • experienced yesterday a British traditional dish, fish & chips 😀 very posh 😛 I did not find it very tasty, but I guess it was ok with the sauce
  • I had way tooooo much chocolate 😦
  • and very few pictures — not my style

that’s it for now, more, when I’ll be back home I think 🙂


IMG_1836   IMG_1840  IMG_1828   IMG_1838


more pictures next time, I promise 🙂

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about cell phones

in short 😛

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  • very nice weather 🙂
  • love driving the wrong side of the road
  • Heathrow airport, as croudy as ever
  • 18* C, lots of sun, nice, puffy clouds
  • love it!!

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  • Monday – Green Hours and NY, Fucking City! – great piece, nice people, one dark beer and nice comments during and after :))
  • Tuesday – foreign delegation of Adobe in Romania for a management training, went for the first time to Caru’ cu Bere, good conversation, weird beer taste, great people, had fun 😛
  • Wednesday – Orange movie evening; first choice: Rat.a.too.ee, no luck though, Danutz had already seen it, Bobby, the second choice, too drama and too historic for 21:30, the third choice, Dupa ea, Romanian movie, perfect for 22:00. After that, one beer, or two 🙂 in Piranha, sharing stories :P, lots of stories and also some gossips ;))
  • Thursday – Iasi Philharmonic recital in Piata Revolutiei – too cold, too windy, good music, nice company … and again kitchen stories till 2:33 AM
  • Friday – fuzzy head, me …, Adobe Romania celebrates one year on the Romanian market and … PARTY TIME!!!!!!

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• Inca o noapte in care am reusit sa dorm doar doua ore
• Un tren IC care a mers mai incet decat un personal, dar care m-a adus pe tarm la Marea Neagra
• Acelasi zambet blond si strengar care imi explica procese de QE si de ce Dostoievski e o lectura mai buna decat revista Story
• Un autobuz spre Mangalia, minute de somn furate timpului si gandul la aceeasi carte care mi-ar fi companion pe o insula pustie
• Microbuzul catre Vama, un grup de francezi, prea extravaganti chiar si pentru Vama noastra contemporana
• In sfarsit pasesc in spuma marii, inot, fac plaja, revad prieteni si trec in revista cu Dan evenimentele de acum doua saptamani, in aceeasi Vama Veche
• Mai adaug o carte pe lista de lectura de vacanta, o recomandare sau nu, dar Dostoievski lipsea de pe rafturi, iar primele scrieri ale lui Cartarescu erau prea vechi pentru a se regasi printre titlurile rasfoite
• Intr-un final, hamsii cu usturoi, inca o bere, un dus rece, mult nisip scuturat din costumul de baie, o gasca de copii tineri si frumosi, si inapoi in Comitat ascultand Suie Paparude

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despre lucruri marunte

  • IC 581 Bucuresti – Constanta, sambata, 07:16, vagonul 21, locul 63
  • rufe de intins pe franghie la 00:53
  • raspunsuri negative de trimis, niciodata o sarcina placuta
  • RATB, Braicar, TurSib, RATC – aceeasi Marie cu alta palarie
  • o zi fara telefoane mobile
  • acuarele, tempera, pensule si un bloc de desen
  • Cora, o camasa verde si un joc de Wii
  • plastelina si o armata de monstruleti
  • prieteni, varste, copilarii
  • de pregatit bagaje pentru mare 🙂

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